Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding, Waste Disaster?

With the raft of coverage in the news recently you could be forgiven for getting somewhat tired of the relentless coverage of the pending Royal Wedding!

I was pleased though to see that the event organisers have thought ahead about the inevitable problem of waste and come up with a system to cover the route they will travel. The Westminster Council has put on 15 exra sweeping vehicles as well as 40 extra staff to help ease the burden of over 140 tonnes of additional waste.

I do wonder though whether any of the waste will be recycled? No mention of that in the report from the Daily Mirror. It can be very tricky to maintain a seperate recycling system at large scale public events, we experience it at every event we manage waste for. It does seem a shame though if all 140 tonnes of the waste produced will be sent straight to landfill.

Not much of a legacy for your wedding day is it?


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