Monday, 13 December 2010

COP 16 - Climate COP Out?

Over the past two weeks all of the world has had it's eyes fixed upon the delegates of the COP16 Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico.

After the disappointment of the talks in Copenhagen at COP15 it was hoped that this time around there would be real commitment by the world's leaders to legally binding targets on carbon reduction.

Sadly for everyone at COP16, this was not the case. After two weeks of talks we are left with yet another toothless deal which is not legally binding. On the plus side we will see the creation of a UN managed climate fund, however none of the participants at COP16 have made any monetary commitments to it!

There's a really good article on the Guardian website that I recommend you read which outlines in more detail the final outcomes.

It looks like we have a long way to go yet before we will see genuine desire from political leaders to reduce global emissions.


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