Monday, 18 October 2010

Britain's Greenest Cities


Newcastle has been named as Britain's greenest city for the second year running in a study examining quality of life and environmental awareness. Moves to install electric vehicle charging points and its support of clean technology firms were highlighted by the Sustainable Cities Index.

Britain's Top 10 green cities
• Newcastle
• Leicester
• Brighton
• Bristol
• London
• Leeds
• Coventry
• Plymouth
• Edinburgh
• Sheffield

According to the index, the five top-placed cities have set themselves ambitious targets and have long-term visions of how to improve life for residents by reducing their environmental impact and creating new opportunities in the green economy.

With Manchester coming 13th, a place up from last year, as long as we continue to be motivated and determined to recycle all of our waste, I’m sure that next year we can be in the top 5.

Peter Madden, chief executive of Forum for the Future, which runs the league, said: "Cities are having to count every penny so it's essential that they invest wisely for long-term success.

"Leaders like Newcastle and Leicester are developing plans to run services in smarter ways, tackle challenges like climate change and secure the jobs of the future."

Barry Rowland, chief executive of Newcastle City Council, said: "Sustainability is right at the top of our agenda, and we intend to keep it there."

Come on Manchester, let’s step up our game, and see what rank we can get to next year!

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