Monday, 29 March 2010

Twitter Goes Green


It's fantastic to see how much support there is on Twitter for recycling and sustainability. I think it's an invaluable tool to spread the word about environmental issues and to co-ordinate with businesses and charities of a similar mindset.

EMERGE has been busy tweeting and it has already shown its worth by driving traffic to our main website, putting us in touch with a range of environmental groups and helping to raise our awareness of environmental issues in Manchester.

Here's 5 enviro-tweeps that I recommend you investigate:

@Recycle_This - Lovely blog all about recycling odds and sods.

@Ecosaveology - Another superb eco blog, loads of interesting updates.

@Carbonoutreach - Erica Grigg talks green.

@Windpoweruk - Tipi Man with a wealth of sustainability tips.

@EMERGErecycling - Well, I am biased! ;)

You can of course also follow me @lucydanger if you'd like to! If you fancy digging through a more extensive list, have a look at this page on Mashable.

Onwards & upwards!



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