Friday, 4 September 2009


A slightly different blog today as I have just been interviewed by someone from The Carbon Trust, who has been tasked with interviewing the 30 most influential environmental blogs at the moment! Their reason for this was to investigate a range of social media tools to communicate their mission about moving the country towards a low carbon economy.

Interestingly, it seems that blogs are increasingly being targetted by organisations as a medium for communicating generally, and many bloggers are being approached by big corporates to promote their specific products. As a much more diffuse form of media I'm sure it could be less transparent about who is saying what and why, although more traditional journalists are not free from corruption

I can assure you that I'm unlikely to be bought off, although I must admit now before it hits the headlines that The Carbon Trust has given me some book vouchers for my time, which I intend to spend on a book that would be helpful here at EMERGE

Onwards & upwards!


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