Monday, 24 August 2009

Bentley - Somewhat Missing The Point?


I was initially encouraged to see that car manufacturer Bentley of all people were making an eco-car, the Bentley Continental Supersports 'Extreme'. Bentley have always been associated with the manufacture of large cars with even bigger engines and so this seemed to be an interesting change of direction for them. (For more information about Bentley's biofuels policy and research see here)

However I am sorry to report that whilst the 'Extreme' runs on a hybrid 85% bioethanol fuel, it is still a 630hp two seat sports car which only does 11.5mpg and emits 388g of carbon dioxode per kilometre. Whilst the 'Extreme' does show a significant improvement upon its counterparts, I just can't see how this type of car is still viable or even, dare I say it, legal in this day and age?

Onwards & upwards!


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